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Holdem Poker Flop Strategy - Playing After the Poker Flop Cards are Dealt

To get the most out of your poker hand, you should take the following steps, after the Holdem poker flop cards are dealt. These steps will ensure you do not make unnecessary mistakes, and will enable you to hold an edge over other Texas Holdem poker players, while playing with the right Holdem poker flop strategy.

Step 1: Evaluate the Type of Holdem Poker Flop - Much the same as the ranking of poker hands, there is also the ranking of poker flops. Obviously, the helpfulness of the poker flop to your hand has to do with your initial hole cards you start with. However, the final hand you get is far more influenced by the deal of the flop cards, and this is why having the right poker flop strategy is so important. If there is a pair of aces in the Holdem poker flop, for example, it is better than a flop without a pair at all or with a pair of 2's.

Step 2: Evaluate your hand - Now take a look of your 5 card hand. Where is it ranked in the poker hand ranking? If it is ranked pretty low, such as a one pair, you should probably fold, and not take into consideration the rest of the steps. This is a flop strategy that is not natural or obvious to make, however, it is the right move.

Step 3: Compare your hand to the poker flop - How much did the Holdem poker flop help your hand? If it helped a lot, it probably means your initial hole cards weren't great, and other players can also use the same poker flop to make an even better hand. If your hand is only slightly improved by the poker flop, and it is still strong, it means you have an edge in the Texas Holdem poker game compared to your opponents.

Step 4: Evaluate your opponents' hands - Try to postulate about your opponents' hands, what are the odds of them reaching a better hand than yours? You should also notice your own cards to see which hands they cannot make. For example, if you possess an 8, and in the Holdem poker flop there are 2 8's, it means your opponent can't make four of a kind 8's.

Step 5: Final decision - Decide how to play your next move according to all the factors mentioned before. Your poker flop strategy should be consistent with all the steps you looked into before. You should also take into account the odds and options of improvement during the next rounds of the turn and the river.

The factors mentioned before all derive from the basic Texas Holdem poker rules. Once you are acquainted with these steps as well, you'll manage to choose the right move when you are in the Texas Holdem poker flop. Use these strategies during real games, and you're bound to improve your Texas Holdem poker ability.

Matthew Pilarski - Staff Correspondent