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Texas Holdem Poker Blinds

The Texas Holdem poker blinds are the initial bets that are placed in the game, before any cards are drawn. It is important to know how these bets are made, and how to play the rest of the Holdem poker game to win the Holdem poker blinds.

There are two Texas Holdem poker blinds, the big blind and the small blind. The blinds change the way players play in the game because without them everybody would fold all the games except when they get excellent hole cards. Because the Texas Holdem poker blinds are initial bets placed in the game, player try not to lose them and continue risking with poorer hands.

The Texas Holdem poker Big Blind is equal to one first round bet. In a typical $2-$4 betting limit Holdem poker game, it is worth $4.

The Small Blind is half the size of the big blind, and in a $2-$4 game it's worth $2.

When you play the beginning of the game, you can try to raise as much as you can afford, in order to win the Texas Hold'em poker blinds if all other players fold. This is called "stealing the blinds". It is a known poker strategy, and it works because players fear early raisers and prefer to let go of the blinds in order to prevent later losses.

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