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Texas Holdem Poker Bluffing

Texas Holdem bluffing is perhaps the most known feature of the game. Almost every starting player starts his Texas Holdem training by asking: "How do I bluff in the game?"

To bluff is to deceive your Texas Holdem opponents into thinking you have a better hand than your actual hand. Texas Holdem Bluffing is sometimes used to describe a player acting as if he has a weaker hand than he has, in an effort to accumulate more raises and a larger pot.

Beginner players often use bluffing on the wrong occasion, and fail to realize that bluffing should not be used too often, and even then, only under certain circumstances.

Bluffing is done in various methods - Raising with weak hands, or check raising with strong hands. Next we describe when bluffing should be practiced for Texas Holdem poker.

  • Bluff when you're against few players. With fewer players there's a larger chance that none of them scored a strong hand, and it is easier to make one player fold by raising than five players.
  • Bluff Against tight player. These Texas Holdem player will not risk the chance that you are not bluffing, especially if they're beginners.
  • Bluff During late position and after everyone checks. If everyone else has checked, it could give you the opportunity to be the one bluffing others into thinking you have the best hand.
  • Bluff With a pair in the flop. When others in the online Texas Holdem game will see you are raising with a flopped pair, they will instantly think you have three of a kind or better, and thus will most times fold.

Jason Steyer - Gambling Columnist