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Evaluating Your Hand After the Hold'em Poker Flop

In this section, we will discuss how to evaluate your Texas Hold'em poker hand after the poker flop cards are dealt, and will get to know the consideration you should take into account when playing after the Texas Hold'em poker flop.

The Hold'em poker flop is the most crucial point in the game. This is because, during the Hold'em poker flop, you receive the most information about the cards you will finally play with. Moreover, the Hold'em flop tells you the most information about your opponent's cards.

Let's examine the considerations that affect the Hold'em poker flop.

The strength of the hand - The most important factor in Texas Hold'em poker, the factor that determines the winner of the game, is the hand ranking of your cards in comparison the other players' cards. In other words, when the poker flop is dealt, you should ask yourself "how good is my hand?" If you hold a three-of-a-kind, for example, it is considered a strong hand.

The strength of the poker flop - Examine the Hold'em poker flop and ask yourself what other hands are possibly obtained by other players. If the poker flop consists of a pair of 8's, and you have another pair of kings, there might be another player that has one or even two 8's, that can thus beat your hand. Remember that in Texas Hold'em poker it is most important how strong your hand is, in relation to the other hands, and not individually.

Player position - This is a very important factor, that most Texas Hold'em poker players usually don't take into account enough times. The later the player's position is the better for him, and the more types of hands he should gamble on. When you receive the poker flop, this is the time to evaluate your opponent the most. If you are in a later position, then the evaluation of your opponents' hands will be made easier.

Number of opponents - Basically, the more opponents you have, the better the hands you should go with. This is because the more players there are, the more chances one of them has a stronger hand than yours. The Hold'em poker flop cards are shared by all the players on the table, and if one of those players had hole cards that worked better with the poker flop than yours, it will mean they have an edge in the game, that will most likely follow them till the showdown.

Pot size - It is pretty obvious that the bigger the pot, the less risks you should take. After the Hold'em poker flop cards are dealt is the time when you should decide upon that round's strategy, whether you will raise, bluff or fold. This decision should be done with consideration to the pot size. For example, you shouldn’t bluff with a small pot because the players will call your bluff. The betting limits also play a major part in the decision and the risk you make during the Hold'em poker flop.

These were the most important factors that influence your strategy after the

Jason Steyer - Gambling Columnist