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Holdem Poker Flop Strategy - Playing a Two or a Three Suited Flop

In this section we will discuss what are the right moves to make, when you get a Holdem poker suited flop. This decision how to act depends on the hole cards you had to begin with in the poker game.

Most novice Texas Hold'em poker players don’t even notice the suits when they play. However, this is a very important feature that can influence the rest of the Holdem poker game tremendously.

A Holdem Poker Two Suited Flop

In case you receive a two suited flop, meaning a Holdem Poker flop with two cards of the same suit, you should see if your hole cards are of the same suit as the suited flop. If the suited flop contains a pair as well, you should be careful betting, because the opponent might reach trips or a full house. When there are several people calling the flop, it usually means one of them has a flush. In this case you should use a more cautious poker flop strategy, so you don't end up at the showdown with a poor hand.

Playing with a two suited flop strategy is risky, which is why you should play this Holdem Poker flop strategy only with strong hands and not with borderline hands. If a third suited hand is drawn during the turn or the river, and you still don’t have a flush, you should consider folding, because chances are one of the players will have at least a flush. If you get a top pair, and you don’t suspect a flush from the others, you should usually go for it, and continue playing.

A Three Suited Flop

If you receive the nuts draw, meaning the best possible hand for the three Holdem Poker suited flop, you should always slowplay your flop strategy, until a large enough pot has been accumulated. If your hand is any other flush, you should play aggressively, in order to make the other players fold and prevent them from improving their hands.

If you have a straight with your Holdem poker flop, you can play the flop strategy and continue with the game, but be aware of the risks. The best flop strategy for playing the straight for these cases is to also develop other hand venues, which you might use if the straight doesn’t work or is too weak. In the case you only have a middle or bottom pair, you are advised not to advance, and to fold in most cases, unless you reach the conclusion that your opponent doesn’t have a better hand. A top pair can be played, but with caution and while using tight play.

In conclusion, the most important thing for a Holdem poker suited flop is to try to guess your opponents' cards and anticipate their moves. This way there will be less surprises during the Texas Holdem poker game.

Brian Walder - Managing Editor