Texas Holdem Poker Chips

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Once, poker was not thought to be an especially popular game. It was not a game that was played on television, or in the casinos, at least not in the way that it is played today. Then, if you wanted to have a set of poker chips in order to play Texas Hold'em poker, then you were in for a disappointment. All that you could get for a reasonable price were thin, ugly, plastic contraptions that were uncomfortable, ugly and hard to use.

However, for those who have a passion for Texas Hold'em poker, there has come the moment of truth. All those years of looking longingly at the casino-quality chips have come to an end. With all the interest that has come to Texas Hold'em poker over the past few years, there have been showing up more and more chips sets that have casino quality and look great. Indeed, you can find on the internet all kinds of sites that actually sell the old chips that were used in the casinos. You can find the Sands hotel chips, or any of the other now defunct casinos. Using these chips is very exciting and nostalgic.

Written By Jerome Townsand, Editor in chief 18.08.05